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Aging Parents

Senior Placement Assistance and Driving Retirement Consulting

Serving Metro Detroit's GREATEST GENERATION since 2007

Offering Guidance and Support Through Difficult Life Transitions

Full Service Senior Placement and Driving Retirement Consulting


The journey of your aging parents can have you navigating through uncharted territory, with no one to turn to who’s been there before you to show you the way.

Is your parent a good fit for Independent Living? Assisted Living? What’s the difference? Dad is getting forgetful—Does that mean it’s time for a move to Memory Care?

But they really want to stay home. Should you modify their home? Hire a home care agency? Should they move in with you!? With so many options and no experience to draw on, it’s hard to know which way to turn.

Making the right choice for your loved one can be so confusing that you may just give up and keep enduring the status quo that has placed all of the responsibility for the older adult in your life on YOU.

And then there’s the matter of your parent’s driving. You know they’re unsafe on the road, but how can you just take their keys away? Are you really up for that battle when you’re already stretched to your limits as it is? But what is the consequence if you do nothing?

AccordantCare was founded to help you find the answers these questions, and to advocate for seniors and adult children of aging parents who are facing these life transitions.

Relocation Indicators
  • Loss of Driving Privileges

  • Loneliness & Isolation

  • Fall Risk

  • Medication Mix-ups

  • Inadequate Meals

  • Cannot Manage Home Upkeep

  • Home Navigation Hazards (stairs, bathtubs)

  • Cognitive Decline

  • Family Caregiver(s) Burnout

  • Peace of Mind!

Driving Risk Indicators
  • Fall Risk

  • Cognitive Decline

  • Delayed Reflexes & Reaction Time

  • Declining Fine Motor Skills

  • Medication Side Effects

  • Vision & Hearing Challenges

  • Unexplained dings and dents on the vehicle

  • Limited Strength and Range of Motion

  • Getting Lost in Familiar Surroundings

You are not alone in this journey!
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