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Senior Living
Aging Parents
If you’re faced with the daunting task of finding the perfect home for a loved-one in need of care, call AccordantCare today to schedule a private consultation!

Full Service Senior Placement

While the majority of our aging parents believe they would prefer to age in place in their homes, it is not always in the best interests of their safety and well-being. Often the best interests of family caregivers are foregone as they become overwhelmed with the responsibilities of managing the needs of an older adult who is determined to live “independently”.

When you’re managing all of these responsibilities, plus managing your own life, relationships, and career, who has time to invest in all of the running around, research, and phone calls necessary to find out what your options are? And without previous life experience to draw on, how do you really know what’s best?

With AccordantCare, we handle all of the daunting tasks of finding the most appropriate fit for your loved one. After meeting with your elder and coming to terms that remaining at home is not meeting the needs of her physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, your personal representative will identify, tour and vet suitable care communities, gather and decipher information, and return to you with a short list of best options. After reviewing your options, she will accompany you on meetings with your top choices and help you make the best decision for your loved one.

The AccordantCare Difference

When you call a typical "referral agency", you are routed to a commissioned salesperson who may or may not be local, or even familiar with the places they recommend to you.


After a cursory discussion, the salesperson will send you a list of addresses and phone numbers, and then you're on your own! Your name and private details will be disseminated to numerous facilities, including several that fail to meet the care, geographic, and financial needs that you covered during the intake call. As a result, you are bombarded with an unrelenting barrage of phone calls, emails, and junk mail that will continue even after your loved one is placed!

With AccordantCare, all communication from providers will be buffered through your personal representative, and your contact information will be kept private until YOU decide which communities you would like to tour in person with the guidance of your agent.

Who Needs Senior Placement Assistance?


Professionals whose time is at a premium


Caregivers who are parsing their time between career, kids, spouses and aging parents


Adult children who are managing the needs of their aging parents from out of state


Prominent families who prefer to remain anonymous and protect their privacy

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